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How to Handle Your Auto Glass Insurance Claim

Step #1 - Call Alderfer Glass at (877) 267-GLASS or any of our 4 store locations directly to set an appointment and we can assist you with the insurance claims process. E-mail us 24/7 and we will contact you ASAP or upon opening. Your appointment time will be verified and held specifically for you - even if claim is still in process.

Step #2 - Call your insurance company at the phone numbers listed below to report the details of the claim. Be aware that you are talking to a third party network and not the insurance company directly - they should make you aware of this at the beginning of the call. Have your policy number, date of occurrence, and vehicle info in hand when you call.

Step #3 - Notify the network representative that you have an appointment at Alderfer Glass Co. and that you are picking Alderfer Glass as your shop of choice. They will send all necessary info directly to our system. We are accepted by all insurance carriers and networks and are a prefferred vendor. By PA law the consumer (thats you!) has the right to pick whomever they wish to replace their glass. Do not be forced to an out of state shop or be pressured to use a faceless nationwide provider.

Step #4 - This is the easiset part! Have your glass work completed at one of our shop facilities, at a mechanics garage of your choice, or at your home or place of work. We strive to make it easy and convenient. Customer will be responsible for a signature of completion and the deductible amount at time of service (payable to 'Alderfer Glass' if by check). We handle all other paperwork!

It really is that easy. 4 simple steps.
Call Alderfer Glass today and 'Give us your Break!!'

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Other Helpful Hints:

1) If you do not pick Alderfer Glass directly you will be put to a random installer by the insurance network, sometimes from a few states away.

2) It is illegal due to fraud and privacy concerns for Alderfer Glass Co. to call your claim in on your behalf. Your insurance agent should be authorized to provide this service should you need it.

3) Every insurance carrier is bound by law to assist you in finding your shop of choice. Many are affiliated with their own installers and will try to push work to themselves. This is illegal and is called insurance steering.

4) It is generally frowned upon (and illegal in some areas) to have an auto glass company refund parts of your deductible. They are contracted to collect that money on behalf of the insurer and may be committing fraud in some cases by over-billing for services. Buyer beware!!!

5) If you have any difficulty in setting up an insurance claim your insurance agent is a good resource. They can assist in getting your demands fast-tracked and solved quickly.

6) As always remember that you have a choice as the consumer. For more information on insurance steering click here.


Insurance Company Contact Information for Consumers
Avoid Steering - You Must Ask for Alderfer Glass Directly by Name !!!

 ** Current as of December 2015. Please call if your insurance company is not listed - we will assist the claim.

Allstate 1-800-626-4527
Erie 1-800-552-3743
Geico 1-800-510-2291
GMAC 1-800-868-6633
Goodville 1-877-445-5780
Harleysville 1-800-892-8877
Liberty Mutual 1-800-567-5568
Nationwide 1-800-421-3535
Progressive 1-800-776-4737
Selective 1-800-638-8961
State Farm 1-888-624-4410
The Hartford 1-800-892-8484
Travelers 1-800-252-4633
USAA 1-800-525-1790
21st Century 1-888-244-6163