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The Clear Advantage in Glass Products - Since 1961

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Right to Choose

Beware of Illegal Insurance Steering – Know Your Rights

The Only ‘Policeman’ for Steering is the Customer…….Always Ask By Name

What is Insurance Steering?

Alderfer Auto Glass Right to ChooseWhen you call a 1-800 number for glass replacement you are likely talking to a ‘billing network’ … not your insurance company directly! When these networks assign work without giving the consumer their options, or to their chosen shop, this is an illegal practice called insurance ‘steering’ and it is a very real problem for consumers. Always remember – you have a choice!

You may be told that Alderfer Glass is not an ‘approved shop’ and that our work ‘may not be fully guaranteed’.  This is not true.

Call center personnel may act like they have never heard of Alderfer Glass to delay the process or they will ask unrelated questions to distract the consumer and wear down your patience.

These comments are not true, misleading and are unfair to the consumer.

In fact Alderfer Glass warrants all work for life, is a voluntary preferred member of all insurance networks, and we abide by all insurance company procedures and pricing as required by contract. There simply is no reason why you cannot have your work performed by Alderfer Glass for any insurance company.

Why Choose?  Simple Way to Defend Your Rights – Knowledge

Networks “steer” work to their own companies for their own benefit………not the consumer’s best interest … and remove the lawful choice of the consumer.

To have your work performed by Alderfer Glass simply ask for us by name to your insurance representative when reporting your claim – they cannot refuse by law. It really is that easy!!

Do not compromise the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle. Call any of our 5 locations or our main office at 1-877-267-GLASS and we will personally address your questions, concerns or issues of steering. We can help. – Call Alderfer Today!!

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