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The Clear Advantage in Glass Products - Since 1961

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Headlight Restoration

logo Go GreenAlderfer is Better – Advantages to Headlight Restoration:

Green – Headlight restoration does not require the replacement of your existing headlight lens. This keeps the product out of a landfill and utlilizes the lens for years to come.

Affordable – With many replacement headlight lens costing hundreds $$$ per pair, it makes sense to refurbish your existing lens for much less expense, in most cases well under $100 for restoration of both lens.

Convenient – Headlight restoration can be accomplished in as little as 1 hour for one lens, or about 2 hours for both lens on your vehicle*. This is something that can be waited for in any one of our 5 store locations, all equipped with Wi-Fi and seating/waiting areas.

Safety – Driving with discolored and hazy headlight lens is a hazard to yourself and other drivers. A refurbished lens is more optically clear and allows for a brighter view of the road and obstacles ahead.

Headlight Restoration
Headlight Restoration

Alderfer Glass Uses the Best in Headlight Technology
 – Our System Removes the Damaged Surface
 – A New OEM Quality Shell is Applied to the Cleaned Lens
 – We Gladly Offer a Warranty on our Refurbishment

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Comparison of Alderfer Glass Headlight Restoration and DIY solutions.

FeatureAlderfer GlassDo It Yourself
Headlight Finish?Commercial Grade UV CoatingStandard Plastic Polish
Durability?1-3 Years Expected30 Days
Removes Headlight Oxidation?YesNo
Restoration Process Time?60-90 Minutes5-30 Minutes
Headlight Restoration Cost?$100-130 Per Set (Pair)
$20.00 – $40.00 Per Set